PS Foil & ABS Tile

The highly modified polystyrene (PS) has a surface gloss and remarkable electrical and temperature insulation features, and is resistant to shock with its dimensional stability and temperature changes. It does not contain plastifier and is thus physiologically unharmful.

Objects sharped from PS foils may be glued, (tamped and metalized).

The PS foil is not transparent and light resistant, but without permanent resistance to meteorological influence. The "MUSTER" PS foil card provides a choice of suitable colors and shades. The PS folis are rolled on cardboard cylinders 76mm in diameter. The rolls are protected from contamination. Each roll can be stored on wood palettes.

PS foils can be processed:

  1. thermo shaped under pressure and
  2. thermo shaped in vacuumed conditions.

They are mostly used in the:

  • food industry
  • cosmetics industry
  • electrical industry
  • technical goods industry
  • cooling industry.

Along with good technical features, the extruded polystyrene foils features good steadiness to various chemical, including most acids, oils and greases in the food industry (vine and vinegar acids, juices, pepper...) and a number of products are made from them.
We have a number of dishes for flower nursery and other plants.

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